The benefits of Microneedling... without the needles.

No medical background needed to perform the treatment. And no downtime for your customers.

This certification course teaches all you need to know to start offering this service.

  • The Science Behind the Nanopen
  • The Benefits of the Treatment
  • Prepping Skin for Treatment
  • Basic & Advanced Protocols
  • Post-Treatment Care
  • Effective Protocols for Specific Skin Types and Conditions
  • Using Serums with Nanofusion
  • Indications and Contraindications
  • Pricing and Marketing Tips

Produce jaw-dropping results for your clients.

Book repeat treatments that show a clear before-and-after. Get your clients on an ongoing skincare routine that supports them looking their best.

Everything You Need to Start Offering Your New Service

  • Service Description Text for Menu
  • Customizable Instagram and Facebook Images
  • Nanofusion After-Care Form to Give to Clients
  • High-Quality Images to Market Your New Service
  • Nanofusion Treatment Cheat Sheets
  • Printable Certificate to Display
  • Digital Badge to Share on Your Website

Plus you can buy the Nanofusion Starter Kit for a discounted rate of $820. And then you're ready to go!

Earn $39,150 per year! 

You only need two clients total to sign up for a treatment package to earn back your investment in this certification course and the Nanofusion Starter Kit.

If you have just one client a day sign up for a treatment, you have added $39,150 to your annual income.

And this course will share sales tips to help you make that happen!

Increase your revenue and impress your clients.